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AA Glass/Willingham notes (REPO79)

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  • Name  AA Glass/Willingham notes 
    Repository ID  REPO79 
  •  Notes 
    • John R. Weir sold land to William R. Willingham
      John R Weir moved to Upshur County, Texas
      John R. Weir married Elizabeth Elston granddaughter of John Sevier.
      Isaah Elson neighbord to Richard Trimble in Switzerland County, Indiana. Most probable Richard is father of Moses Trimble/ St Francis Co., Ark.
      Jane Worthington married William Elston came to Burleson Count, Cooks Point.

      Denman marriages: Harbersham County, GA Elston and Willingham

      Sarah E. King married Thomas A. Higgins 1853-1938
      King married McElroy
      King married Wyly
      Joseph Willingham married Jane King

      William Higgins b. 1809 Bedford TN/McNAiry TN married Mary Ann Carr b. 1808 S. C. married 1825 McNairy County, TN
      Parents of Mary Ann Carr were John Carr 1770 SC d. 1815 McNair County, Tennessee and Ann Middleton b. 1783 Pendleton SC d. 1850 Madison County, AL. Ann Middleton's father was John Middleton Sr. 1736-1825 and Margaret Eliz Scott. Ann was the sister of John Middleton b. 1773 Pendleton Co., SC d. 1819 Madison County, AL married Jane Dowdle..
      John Middleton and Jane Dowdle were the parenty of Mary Middleton b. 1798 Lincoln Co., TN d. 1855 married 1818 Madison County, AL to John Styers.

      1830 McNairy County, TN
      William Higgins married Mary Carr
      William H. Sarrett marr. Eliz Carr
      Arabella Carr married John Robinson

      Son of William Clark and Feriby
      Zachariah Clark d. 1852 Benton Co., AL married Mary Ann Davis daugh of Thomas of Franklin County, GA. b. 1778 Chatham Co., NC

      Richard Holeman b. 1824 GA d. 1874 Union County, LA neighbors in 1860 to J. S. Stripling and N. Willingham pg 153.

    • Hi Kathie, I haven't had time to digest all of the info you sent. I have just breifly read through it, but something jumped out at me.

      You wrote: The above John Camp, father of JOhn Camp Jr. possible father of Daniel Boone Camp was definitely well documented as knowing John Chism an ancestor of Peachy Chism that married Daniel Boone Camp.

      Peachy Chism was the wife of Thomas N. Camp that came to Upshur County, the father of James M. Camp. At least that is what I get from the census reports I have found running James M. Camp backwards.

      So correct me if I am wrong. Here is what I found.

      Home in 1850: Eastern Division, Monroe, Mississippi, USA
      Thomas Camp 28
      Peachy Camp 22
      Harriet Camp 6
      James M Camp 2

      Home in 1860: Eastern Division, Monroe, Mississippi
      Thomas Camp 37
      Peachie Camp 30
      Harriet Camp 15
      James Camp 10
      Mary Camp 9
      Charlotte Camp 3
      Valantine Camp 6/12
      Orson Camp 6/12

      Home in 1870: Precinct 3, Upshur, Texas
      Thomas Cough 50
      Parceoy Cough 47
      James Cough 21
      Charles W Cough 10
      Ansen Cough 7

      Home in 1880: Precinct 7, Upshur, Texas, USA
      Thomas N. Cadap 54
      James M. Cadap 27 (widower)
      William T. Cadap 7
      Pink E. Ennis 20
      Mary Kennard 18
      Ella Kennard 15
      Lula Smith 12

      Sherry Ann [Willingham] Jumper
      Family Researcher
      North East Texas
      Upshur County TX

      On Sat, Aug 18, 2018 at 11:16 AM, Kathie Pearson wrote:

      The Satterwhites are interesting.....I have looked at them closely for years because of Stephen Satterwhite, son of David and Rebecca Willingham? Satterwhite living next to Caleb Willingham 1830 Jones County Georgia. Also Stephen's brother David Satterwhite also living in Jones County GA married a Pheribe Baldwin. Could be totally coincidental but a Baldwin family DAR record shows a Caleb Willingham married to a Jennie Baldwin.....would have been a brief married with no children, but I suspect it was Caleb Willingham in Jones County was married to her before he married Elizabeth Glass. I have no idea with this marriage record originated becasue I have seen none. The Baldwin's are mentioned in records in Wilkes and Greene County, GA with Brasfield's.......Caleb, I believe uncle of Caleb and William Willingham of Jones County, GA and also George which would be grandfather.....William brother of Caleb is mentioned in a land deed selling land in Greene County while we was in Jones County...... Greene County GA is also where the Glass family is from that I believe is the same family of Elizabeth Glass.
      William Baldwin, son of David Baldwin Sr. (of Virginia) and Sarah Owen, was b. in North Carolina; moved when young to Georgia; he m. ELIZABETH KIMBRO, of Wilkes county, Georgia., after his discharge from the army. After his children were m., he and his wife moved to Montgomery county, Alabama., about 1815 to 1816.

      Children were: James (7/4/1780), David (10/3/1783), William (5/22/1786), John (8/13/1790; no issue), Sarah (2/22/1793; m. Joseph Fitzpatrick, brother to the wife of Willliam, and had a son who d. leaving no issue), Polly (12/2/1795; m. Hutchinson, and d. soon, leaving no issue), and Jennie (3/19/1798, or perhaps she is Nancy?; m. Caleb Willingham, and d. leaving no issue).

      In your document you show Rebecca most probable Willingham that married Satterwhite as being the daughter of William Willingham married Nancy (maiden name Williams not proven) as the father of Rebecca. I have not seen that before. There are records that document his children and she is not listed. Also think the age difference is not great enough for her to be a daughter. ....could be a sister. This William that you mention is the brother of Isaac Willingham , father of Caleb and Isaac Willingham of Jones County, GA.

      Because of the above mentioned close proximity of the Satterwhite"s and Caleb Willingham in Jones County, Ga., and then the Satterwhites and the family of Amos Willingham in Upshur County, Texas intermarrying I tried for a long time to place us as descending from this branch of the Willinghams. It just didn't seem to work even though as "cousins" we seem to be connected through family. Amos Willingham was the grandson of Thomas and Rebecca Humphries Willingham. The below mentioned Humphries were sons of Rebecca Humphries Willingham's brother.

      We know as fact with census records 1860 Union County, Arkansas that George Berry Humphries, lived by Hiram, brother of our William R. Also fact is brother of George Berry Humphries, Jackson Monroe Humphries lived very close to the land that William R. Willingham purchased 1853/54? in Washington County, Texas. George Berry Humphries, son of Shadrich Humphries and SARAH CAMP.

      Not proven but someone is working on a tree using a "DNA theory" that Daniel Boone Camp father of Thomas N. Camp, father of James Camp married to Franky Willingham, daughter of William R. and Margaret Ann Willingham, is the son of John Camp Jr., son of John Camp that was married to Mary Tarpley. They believe after Mary Tarpley Camp died that John Camp married again to a Mary mnu and had this John Camp Jr. father of Daniel Boone Cam p. This article talks about this among many other things.....the Camp family has been well researched.
      The above John Camp, father of JOhn Camp Jr. possible father of Daniel Boone Camp was definitely well documented as knowing John Chism an ancestor of Peachy Chism that married Daniel Boone Camp.
      So as you can tell whenever I found out that Franky Willingham married James Camp.....out of this Camp family it was interesting to trace the Camp family back to being in Fayette/Clayton County GA........this is where several of these Camps were.....neighbors of the Glass's who I believe to be either cousins, uncles or maybe even brothers of Elizabeth Glass Willingham. If you like Gone with the Wind as much as I you will find this interesting.

      The above John Camp Jr. possible father of Daniel Boone Camp married Eliza Thomason......this John Camp Jr. in was enumerated in 1820 Walton County GA next to Hinchy Mitchell who married Margaret Thomason. Margaret Mitchell author of "Gone with the Wind" descended from this HInchy MItchell family. Whitmill Allen who built "Stately Oaks" Jonesboro Clayton County, GA was married to Mary Camp, daughter of John and Winifred Mattox Camp (JOhn was the brother of Sarah Camp that married Shadrich Humphries) This John, Sarah Camp Humphries brother went with several of his children to Smith County, Texas.
      Mary Camp that married Whitmill Allen (he also moved to Smith County, Texas) and built Stately Oaks, inspiration for "Tara", in Jonesboro, Clayton County, GA. was the sister of Seaborn Camp that married 1. Mahala Beavers, 2. Elizabeth Parrish, mother of Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of Hinchey Mitchell. Elizabeth Mitchell also was the great-granddaughter of Philip Fitzgerald.....In 1840 Fayette County, GA (this became Clayton County ca. 1850) he and Manson Glass were on the same page.......Manson was of the same family as Zachariah Glass, daughter Nancy married William Cleland, Jones County, GA..... I just noticed a Joseph Banks next to Manson Glass in this census......Karen mention a Banks poss mother of Hiram on a family tree.......need to look at this closer.

      Sorry for the rambling but this family of Satterwhite's marring into the Humphries/ Willingham/Camp family and our Franky marrying a Camp has led me to all of this.

      On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 2:20 PM, Sherry Jumper wrote:
      Very good. Did you have a chance to look and compare the Satterwhite info I sent?

      Sherry Ann [Willingham] Jumper
      Family Researcher
      North East Texas
      Upshur County TX

      On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 12:26 PM, Kathie Pearson wrote:
      I thought this was interesting. Thomas Jefferson married "3rd wife" Sarah Trimble, daughter of Richard Trimble and Malissa Langston. His son, Green Fargo Foster, married Sarah's sister, Margaret Ann. Richard was cousin to Margaret Ann "Styers"?, most prob. wife of William R. Willingham.

      Just another bit of 1860 Isaac Preston Trimble, brother of these girls, was in the 1860 census of Washington County, Texas staying in the hotel at Brenham.....this was the same time period that William R. and Margaret Ann were in the Washington/Austin County, Texas area.
    • Thomas E. Sims Meriwether and Jonesboro Clayton County GA, and ties to Union County, Arkansas/LA

      Sherry Jumper
      11:52 PM (8 hours ago)
      to me
      Kathie the age of Sarah Elizabeth is correct for her in 1853 and gives her time to move to Austin County and marry there to Otto in 1858.

      Sherry Ann [Willingham] Jumper
      Family Researcher
      North East Texas
      Upshur County TX

      On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 8:32 PM Sherry Jumper wrote:
      Haven't read it all, but do believe you are right. John B Sims did marry our Sarah Elizabeth.

      On Tue, Aug 21, 2018, 7:46 PM Kathie Pearson wrote:
      During one of my many census hunts I ran across Thomas Sims while searching. I had already studied Sim's so the name was familiar.

      We may not have many "facts" leading us to the parents of William R. Willingham so I go by where we find him in census'.
      After he and his siblings leave St Francis County Arkansas after the 1850 census is taken, we find them in Union County, Arkansas/Union County Louisiana (adjacent counties and they were on the borders of each county).

      Thomas E. Sims mentioned above born 1808 GA married Louisa Jones 1833 Meriwether County, GA... In 1850 the lived next to a John Jones, most likely her brother and Terrell Lassiter family. The wife of James Glass, son of William Glass 1820 Jones, 1830 Jasper 1840 Meriwether was Mary Clower, daughter of Morgan Clower and Sylvania Lassitter from Jasper County, GA that moved to Meriwether County, GA. Several Lassiters in Meriwether and very probable Terrell neighbor to Thomas E. Sims was a nephew of of Sylvania Lassitter Clower. (of interest in 1830 Jasper County, Census Morgan Clower lived by Larkin Newby. A Newby married the daughter of Nancy Glass and William Cleland and Larkin is buried in the Newby Cleland cemetery in JOnes County, GA. Nancy Glass Cleland was the widow of William Cleland that is mentioned in legal documents concerning Caleb Willingham of JOnes County, GA)

      Thomas E. Sims mentioned above living in Meriwether 1850 and Clayton County, GA 1860 was the brother of Allen Sims. Allen's sons John B. and Butler King Sims lived in Union Parish, Louisiana in 1860. Within a couple of pages of this census you find the Sim brothers and Nathan Willingham, married Mary Ann Elizabeth Poole, daughter of Hardy Keele Poole who also is living in Union Parish in 1860. Also within a page you find J. H. Willingham (John Willingham brother, of William R., Hilman H. and most prob brother of Nathan Willingham. John is living with the widow of George W. Stripling, son of Arthur and Mary Simmons Stripling who were married 1812 Jones County, Ga and were also residing in Jones County, Ga in 1820. From this same Stripling family is a Moses Stripling d. 1860 Upshur County, TExas and a William Stripling on the 1860 Wood County, Texas census.
      (If you don't have access to the census let me is interesting to see)

      John B Sims the son of Allen mentioned above (brother of Thomas E. Simms in Meriwether and Clayton County, GA) was married to an Sarah E. Winningham
      Winningham/Willingham Sarah E., b. Abt 1836
      Married 31 Jul 1853 Union County, Arkansas Find all individuals with events at this location
      SIMS, John B., 21, to Sarah E. WINNINGHAM, 17, on July 31, 1853 by George EVERETT, MG. (B-90)

      SIMS (Simms), John B., 32, to Mary A. SIMS (Simms), 18, both of Union Parish, La., on May 15, 1864 by H. K. POOLE, JP.) B-296)

      I believe this Sarah E. Winningham is our Sarah Willingham sister of William R. Willingham that married in his home in Austin County, TExas. On the marriage certificate it gives her name starting with an S but is hard to read.......apparently this marriage did not work out? This John B. Sims married again in 1864 with JP H. K. Poole, (Hardy Keele Poole, father in-law of Nathan Willingham most prob brother of William R. and Hiram H. WIllingham)

      When William R. Willingham purchased land in Austin County, Texas, he purchased it from George Caruthers also from Jones County, GA.

      Caruthers/Carrothers George
      Male - 1861

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      Personal Information | Media | All | PDF

      Gender Male
      Residence 1820 Jones County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this location
      Died 1861 Washington County, Texas Find all individuals with events at this location
      Person ID I1114 Keesee
      Last Modified 06 Dec 2015 | Edit

      Father Caruthers/Carrothers Robert, b. 1765, Ireland? Find all individuals with events at this location, d. 1825, Montgomery County, Alabama or Jones County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this location
      Mother Kier Jane, b. 1761, d. 1852, Jones County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this location
      Family ID F329 Group Sheet

      Family Durham Susannah
      Married 1812 Jones County, Georgia Find all individuals with events at this location
      Last Modified 26 Oct 2016 | Edit
      Family ID F330 Group Sheet

      Documents W R Willingham and wife to W. Adelheid Mattern Austin County, Texas December 24, 1860

      Back to Thomas E. Sims living in Clayton County, GA. (Clayton County GA was part of Fayette County, GA prior to 1850).
      Neighbor to Thomas in Clayton County, GA is Thomas Berry married Adaliza Camp. Adaliza is from the same Camp family as Sarah Camp that married Shadrick Humphries, parents of George Washington Humphries living by William R. Willingham in Washington County, Texas in the early 1850's and his brother Jackson Monroe Humphries lived by HIram Hillman 1860 Union County, Arkansas. Sarah Camp Humphries mother of these two brothers was the daughter of Mary Berry and James Camp.....Mary Berry Camp, grandmother of these two Humphries brothers was the sister of Thomas Berry living by Thomas E. Sims 1860 Clayton County, GA.

      On a side note Shadrich Humphries is the brother of Rebecca Humphries married Thomas Willingham......due to these brothers living by our William and Hilman I tried to fit them into their family but I don't think they are.....just cousins. This above Camp family is also of the same Camp family that our Franky Willingham married (did ya'll notice in the 1850 census Franky's middle initial looks like a G?) I sent Sherry some information on this family Karen, but if I didn't send it to you let me know.

      In 1860 Clayton County, GA also by Thomas E. Sims is Abner Camp, who was brother to Adaliza Camp Berry, on the same census.....Their father John Camp came to Smith County, Texas as an elderly man with some of his other children. By the way what first drew me to Clayton County is this is where a several Glass brothers were and families that were related to the Zachariah Glass d. 1826 Newton County, GA. His daughter Nancy married William Cleland in Jones County, GA. Several of these Glass's came to Texas , I have noticed several in Collin County, Texas. In 1860 a Manson Glass lives within 3 or 4 pages of Thomas E. Sims.

      So in summary using the few "facts" that we have I think it a good possiblity that we Willingham's had family at one time in JOnes County, GA and that is why we were neighbors of people from Jones County, Ga in Union County, Arkansas and down into Texas.

      I have so many notes and "coincidences" like these I could go on forever.....sorry, I just keeping thinking some day we will stumble on proof that we cannot deny.