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Greene County, Tennessee (REPO78)

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  • Name  Greene County, Tennessee 
    Repository ID  REPO78 
  •  Notes 
    • Archiver > CASTEEL > 1998-07 > 0900087113

      From: Leslie Collier
      Subject: Greene Co., TN, records
      Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 11:11:53 -0500

      A tiny geography lesson for those of you without roots in Greene Co.,
      TN, who are not familiar with the area:
      Do keep in mind that Tennessee became a state in 1796. Prior to that,
      the land was part of North Carolina, so some of the early records say
      "North Carolina."
      Look on a map for Greenville, county seat of Greene Co., TN. Let your
      fingers do the walking heading northwest of Greenville on Highway 70.
      Approximately 7 miles northwest of downtown Greenville is the area in
      question. Here come together the following landmarks that define the
      Casteel genealogy problem in this county:
      (current names)
      Lick Creek (which starts off the Nolichucky River 10 miles west)
      Roaring Fork of Lick Creek (splits off south of Lick Ck.)
      Puncheon Camp Creek (splits off of Lick Ck. on the north side
      about 1/2 mi. west of where Roaring Fork splits off)

      Also found within one mile are the following features (current names):
      Babb Creek
      Ray Casteel Rd.
      Casteel Springs
      Carter Valley
      Babb's Mill Road
      Key Road

      There is a section of Babb's Mill Road (remember it . . . it's coming up
      again in records of the 1700s in a sec) that still exists under that name.
      This road begins on Hwy. 172 exactly at Casteel Springs and runs 4 mil.
      east to join Hwy 93 at Walkertown community (too small to be called a town,
      just a huddle of a couple of houses and a gas station).

      This is the neighborhood to which all of the following records apply. In
      the late 1700s you had to be pretty desperate (or foolhardy) to choose to
      live here. The price of land may have been right, but the Injuns were
      fierce and the wilderness vast. There were almost no settlers. If your
      family came here, then you probably came with relatives or buddies, and you
      relied on one another to stay alive.

      Since there is no census for this area in 1790, I'm going to post two
      road crew lists a couple of years apart. This is as close as we're going to
      get to having a scorecard giving the names of the settlers of this region.
      You do need to know that the original mill and road to it were built by the
      Inmans, but bought out by the Babb family. It is the same mill and road.

      Here are the players in our game of "Who's got an ancestor":

      Greene County; Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas & Quarter Sessions
      (1783-1796) TN State Library & Archives, Reel 24, pp. 63 and 215

      May 1786 Road crew appointed from Puncheon Camp to North side
      of Lick Creek to County Line leading towards Abednego Inman's mill--
      Lanty Armstrong
      Jno. C_____
      Dutton Lane
      Phillip Babb Senr.
      Peter King Senr.
      Jones Kendrick
      John Wagner
      Zachariah Casteel
      Wm. Wilson
      Archilbald McCurry
      James Mitchell
      Thos. Wray

      Winter 1791 Road laid from Babbs Mill to Bulls Gap, these following to
      view and make the way:
      Isaac Ballard
      Phillip Babb
      Seth Babb
      Abraham Carter
      John Carter
      Joseph Roberts
      Joseph Self
      Thos. Fresher
      Levi Carter
      Dennis Harty
      Richard Robins
      Joseph Carter

      Now you're in position and you've got a program naming some of actors.
      Time for the action to begin:

      22 Aug 1784Greene Co. Court Minutes, p. 22
      Jacob CARTER vs. Frances CASTEEL
      jury for plaintiff 1 penny damages

      May 1786Greene Co. road crew given above for PUNCHEON
      CAMP on the north side of LICK CREEK
      Zachariah CASTEEL

      20 Sep 1787 Greene Co., TN, Deed Book G., p. 97
      North Carolina Land Grant #308
      John CASTEEL paid Ten Pounds for 311 1/4 acres
      "lying in our County of Green on PUNCHEONS CAMP CREEK"
      Body of deed refers to him as John Casteel Sen'r. so
      there are several John Casteels here at this time)

      Nov 1789 Greene Co. Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas & Quarter
      Sessions (1783-1796), p.140
      Jury--Zachariah CASTEEL

      30 Aug 1790 Greene Co. Deeds, Volume 2, p. 94
      Jacob CARTER, now of Wilkes Co., GA, sells to Dennis HARTY of
      Greene Co., NC, for 100 pounds, a tract on ROARING FORK of
      LlCK CREEK including his improvement, adj line between Carter
      and Benjamin Anderson, being 200 acres tr granted to Carter on
      20 Sept 1787, NC Land Grant # 355.
      Wit: John Reynolds, William Banister, Elisabeth Norris

      1793Greene Co. Tenn Tax List - Capt. Anderson Walker's Company
      William CASTEEL 1 White Poll

      1 Sep 1794 Knox Co. Regiment, Hamilton District Militia, Territory
      South of the Ohio River
      John CASTILEe, pvt. on a Muster Roll of a detachment of mounted
      infantry under the command of Capt. John Singleton, in the Knox
      Regiment of Hamilton District Militia, for the protection of frontiers
      South of Ohio. from Aug 27, 1794 to Sept 1, 1794. Roll dated
      Knoxville, Sept 1, 1794 Pay Roll for same: Term of service, 6 days,
      per @.75 per day. Amount of pay $4.50.

      1797 Greene Co. Taxables of Captain Morris Company
      Zakeriah CASTEEL 208 acres

      1798 Greene Co. Taxables of Capt William Crawford Company
      John CASTEEL1 White Poll
      Zecheria CASTEEL108 acres

      29 Jul 1809Greene Co. Wills & Inventories 1802-1812
      Estate of Robert Wyley, decd. (a shop owner)
      Book accounts, including (in part)
      CASTEEL, Robert L 12

      19 Aug 1810 probated Greene Co. Court Minutes, October Sessions 1810
      Abstract of will of Dennis HARTY
      To Wife, Jemima, all my pewter, unmolested use of all cleared land,
      except that where Daniel Harty lives and works. To son, Jacob and
      Daniel, plantation at death of my wife, Jacob to get house.
      Sons-in-law, Robert CASTEEL, Moses McCoy and George Miers,
      to receive $1.50 each. Granddaughters, Rececky Myers and Anna
      Meirs, eight dollars each. Granddaughter: Elizabeth Myers. To
      William McCoy and Abner Johnson, everything equally divided not
      allready specified.
      Executors: David Robertson, David KEY
      Witnesses: Elijah Billingsley, John (his mark) Ross.
      Dennis, his X mark, HARTY

      28 Apr 1812Greene Co. Deed Book 9, p. 415
      David Robinson and David KEY, exrs. of the Last Will and
      Testament of Denis HARTY, Decd...sell to David CARTER...all of
      Greene Co...for $ in Greene County on the waters of the
      ROARING FORK of LICK CREEK, being part of a Tract Granted
      by the State of North Carolina to Jacob CARTER for Two Hundred
      Acres of No. 315-dated the 20th of Sep 1787...Beginning at a post
      oak the forth corner from the beginning corner not reconing the
      beginning Corner in said Grant. Running thence with a line of said
      tract Southly 75 degrees East 66 poles to Benjamin Andersons
      Corner white oak, thence west with another line of said Tract 117
      poles to a stake, then North 41 Poles to a small hickory, then East the
      dividing line 180 poles to a small hickory and white oak another line
      of the original, thence with the same a Direct course to the Beginning.
      Containing 44 Acres
      David Robinson Seal
      David KEY Seal

      12 Mar 1825Greene Co. Deed Book 18, p. 122
      David KEY, Executor. of the will of Zachariah CASTEEL sells to
      Jeremiah CASTEEL...for $505.50..part of NC Grant 1361 to John
      Malone and Zachariah Casteel for 200 acres on DRY FORK of LICK
      Witnesses: Edward CASTEEL David Key, Exr.
      James X Long
      16 Feb 1836 Proved by David Key Merryman Payne, Clerk
      18 Feb 1836 Recorded

      1. All of these folks lived together on the waters of Lick Creek by the
      2. Jacob Carter sues Francis Casteel in 1784 and sells his land to Dennis
      Harty (Robert Casteel's father-in-law) in 1787. The Carters are important
      3. Francis, Zachariah, several Johns, and Robert Casteel were adults in
      this area.
      4. A John and Francis and William Casteel move from Greene Co. into nearby
      Knox Co., TN. William is massacred by the Indians; Francis leaves a will
      there, and John just plain disappears (whichever John he is).
      4. David Key is executor to both the wills of Zachariah Casteel and Dennis
      Harty in Greene Co. He is important to the Casteel genealogy.

      I do have a rundown of neighbors, incomplete of course, showing who
      migrated in from where at what time period. This suggests further ties and
      other localities to check. You won't know many of these names unless you've
      poked around in this county, but they may trigger something for those of
      you with Casteel elsewhere.


      Zacahriah Casteel (1795 Joins w/ John Maloney's land)

      John Malone (b.1751, md. a Mary Elizabeth Whomever, came from Washington
      Co., PA)

      Philip Babb (b. 1731, Chester, PA, later Frederick, VA, NC grant #521,
      dated 1787) in book, BABB FAMILIES OF AMERICA by Sargent, p.51, d.1813
      Greene, TN--wf. Mary Perkins, m2 Nancy Hannah Haines Antrim, widow of

      Seth Babb (b.1760, s/o Phil Sr., bro. Phil Jr., md. Mary McCLELLAN)

      Hugh Carter (b.NJ, lived on contested line between VA/PA at Forks of Cheat
      River, now Monongalia Co., WV, then moved to Wilkes and Surry Cos., NC,
      just before hitting Tennessee, progenitor of large Carter family of Greene

      John Casteel (NC land grant #1838, in Sullivan Co. 1790, 1783 Greene Co.
      tax list
      Remember that Andrew McLellan of Russell Co., VA, is claimed
      to have moved there from Sullivan Co., TN.

      Loderick Fry (1782 Berkeley Co. VA tax list)

      John Fewston (John Feuston & John Jr. 1805 Greene Co., 1783 list shows no
      Johns but a Robt Fuston)

      Jacob Gass (Gass on petition to form Russell Co., VA, in 1785, w. Mary,
      bro to John & James)

      Mary King (w/o Peter, next door to Jno Malone)

      Charles Harmon (not on 1783 Greene Co. tax list , but on Lick Ck. by 1796)

      Peter King Sr. (1786 road crew Philip John Wagoner, Zach Casteel, Wm.

      John Melone (md. Marjie Casteel, he b. 1778, NC land grant #1361 in 1795,
      neighbor to Daniel Carter)

      John McCurry

      Chas. & Richard Pope

      David Rice (b.Bedford, VA, in Greene Co. by 1798)

      David & Thomas Tate (Russell Co, VA, petition, 1786 Russell,

      Saml Tate (in Wash Co. earlier)

      John Waggoner (Culpepper Co, VA 1783 tax, also see Sullivan Co. 1790 for John)

      James Willson (shff 1784, 1782 Pr. George & Southampton Cos, VA. from PA)