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1790 Reconstructed Georgia Census (REPO46)

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  • Name  1790 Reconstructed Georgia Census 
    Repository ID  REPO46 
  •  Notes 
    • Reconstructed 1790 census Greene Co., GA formed in 1786 from Original County of Washington. Parts of Greene went into Hancock, Oconee, Oglethorpe, Taliaferro and Clarke.

      Greene County, GA
      Headrights and Bounty Grants 1790-1795
      Thomas Brantley
      Walter Ellace
      Wm. McClelland
      Jos. Parmour
      Jno. Ragan
      Etheldred Wood
      Jane Wood

      Will Book "A" 1787-1796
      Jno Dunn
      Benj. Lowry
      Jacob Maddox
      Wm, west
      Austarcus Wood
      Jno Lowry
      Mary Lowry
      James Ware
      Hannah Woods
      Jas Woods
      Wm. Holliday
      Andrew Reid
      Eqekial Slaughter (w)
      Jno Michael Wagganon
      Thomas Willingham

      Others named:
      Betsy Adams
      Wm. Adams
      Frederic Ashfield
      Jno. Bailey
      Mordecai Baldwin
      Littleberry Bostick
      Lucey Brasfield
      Wm. Cimbro
      Zachariah Glass
      Thomas Johonson
      Wm Johnson
      Jno Johnston
      Jno Kimbrough
      Jno Lowry
      Jno Lowery
      Francinca McClelland
      Wm. Madock

      Deed Book #1 Old Books A & B 1786-1790
      Benj. Baldwin and Sarah
      James Daniel and Mary
      Alexander Dunn & Tabitha
      Thomas Johnson & Agnes
      Wm. Ray
      Elias West

      Hannah Ashfield
      Nathan Barnett
      Walter Ellis
      Geo/James Finley
      Richard Ship
      Jno Boyd

      Witnesses and Owners of Adj. Land
      Jno Boyd
      Wm. Graves
      Jos. Martin
      Hillery Phillips
      Wm. Phillips
      Zachariah Phillips
      Geo Ross
      Saml. Slaughter
      Abner Adkinson
      Ellis West
      Jno Barker
      Ephram Barker

      1789 Tax Lists
      __ese Ellis
      Joshua Ellis
      Walter Ellis
      Wm. Glass
      Zachariah Glass
      Matthew Harris
      Wm. Holliday
      Thos. Johnston
      Leroy Johnston
      Wm. McClellan
      Henry McCoy
      Jno. McCoy
      Aristaracus Wood
      David McMichael
      Jno McMichael
      Jos. Maddox
      W. Alexander, Zach, Godfrey Martin
      Wm Martin
      Benj. Ship
      Richard Ship
      Adam Ross
      lots of Reids
      Saml Slaughter
      Wm. Spears
      Thomas Stamps
      Thomas Steedman
      Jno. Stroud

      Muster Roll Aug 1793
      Obediah Belcher
      Micajah Middlebrooks

      Legal Ads
      Benj. Lowry
      Mary Lowry
      Created in 1777 from Cherokee land Wilkes parent county of Elbert, Lincoln, and Oglethorpe and part of Warren, Greene and Taliaferro.

      Bounty Headrights 1790-1795
      Nathan Atkinson
      Hezekiah Bailey
      Balaam Bentley
      Littleberry Bostwick
      Wm Dunn
      Ignatious Few
      Wm. Finch
      Wm HArdman
      Andrew Johnson
      Cobb Johnson
      Wm Holliday
      Dan'l McCoy
      Jno. Lankford
      Henry Lowry
      Rhoda Lyle
      Robert Martin
      Henry McKay
      Jno Palmour
      Abel Pennington
      Reuben Radford
      Henry Starr
      Francis Satterwhite
      David Tomlinson
      Tas. Waggner
      Jas. Ware
      Wm. Bentley

      Original Wills and loose papers 1790-1793--named in wills
      Charles Ellis
      Jno. Ellis
      Jos. Ellis
      Francis Satterwhite
      Milner, Benj. Jno, Pitt, Salley
      Judge Lowery
      Nocholas Johnson
      Richard Johnson
      Wm. Johnson
      Jos. Moon
      Ben. Lowry
      Wm Depee
      Ayres Holliday
      Zach Ray
      Stephen Self
      Robt. Stokes
      Wm West
      Jas. Waggoner
      Jeremiah Willingham
      Benj. Trebel
      Established from Richmond in 1790 part of Columbia became Warren in 1793

      Daniel Elam
      Sol. Ellis Justice of Peace 1790
      Peter Malone
      Waters Dunn
      Wm Gunby
      Nicodemus Boyd
      Jno. Boyd
      Jas Garnett
      Jno Garnett
      Jas Germany
      Jno. Swan
      Wm. Willingham
      Valentine Atkinson
      Absolam Radsford
      Miles Radsford
      Jno. Willingham, :Jr.
      Ollie Willingham
      Thomas Willingham

      1790-1794 Names from Deeds
      Danl McCarty
      Jno McCarty
      Thomas Staples

      FRANKLIN created 1784 with Cherokee land was given as bounty grants to Revolutionary Veterans
      Headrights and Bounty Grants 1790-1795
      Jno. Bickerstaff
      Jno Blanton
      Jno. Boyd
      Jos. Gunnells
      Danl Elams
      Robt. Elese
      Benj Echols
      Jos Humphrey
      Jacob Pennington
      Peter Malone
      Wm. Martin
      Robt. Skelton
      Jno. Starr
      Wm Stead
      Jno Stokes
      Wm Stokes
      Moses Trimble
      Robt. Thrasher
      Jacob Pennington
      Shadrack Humphries
      Johnson Bickerstaff
      Benj. Echols
      Wyatt Langford
      Isaiah Goolsby
      Benj. Echols
      David Trentham
      Wm. Woffard
      Benj. Echols
      Jno. P Wagnon
      Jas. Atkinson
      WASHINGTON COUNTY 1784 Creek lands from Washington were formed from the counties of Greene, Hancock, Johnson and Montgomery?

      Balaam Bentley
      Wm. Bentley
      Simeon Lowry
      Thomas Mackay
      David Tomlinson
      Ephram Ellis
      Wm. Germany
      Jas Ellis
      Several Johnson families
      Jno Kimbrough
      Littleberry Bostwick
      Wm Finch
      Wm Holliday
      Cobb Johnson
      Henry Lowry
      Henry McCay
      Reuban Radford
      Francis Satterwhite
      Chas Sneed