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Georgia, Franklin County (REPO33)

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  • Name  Georgia, Franklin County 
    Repository ID  REPO33 
  •  Notes 
    • Franklin County, was established in 1784 from lands obtained from the Cherokee Nation. Descendant counties include Jackson in 1796, Madison in 1811, Habersham and Hall in 1818, Hart in 1853, Banks in 1858, and Stephens in 1905. The county seat is Carnesville.

      Franklin County, GA
      John Trimble married Charity Redwine
      Moses Trimble married Peggy Baker
      Elizabeth Trimble married John W. Lowry

      Passport to Travel
      Isaac Ledbetter
      John Boles
      David Satterwhite

      John Wier and Elston was in the same area of Franklin County living on the Tugaloo River as Thomas Willingham from South Carolina.
      John Elston in Franklin and Habersham County, GA
      Thomas Willingham Franklin County GA
    • FRANKLIN COUNTY, GA - COURT Citizens Seek Frontier Protection 1793

      Copyright. All rights reserved.
      This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by:
      Jacqueline King


      January 1, 1793

      To His Excallancy Edward Telfare Governor and Commander in
      Chief in and over the state of Georgia

      We your humble Petitionors do once more presume to beg from
      your mercyfull hands, some protection for our Disstress'd
      women and Children, as their Lives With our own are daly
      Expos'd, to savage Barbarety. It is not long since we ware
      Leaping with Joy, by reason of the Encouragment You gave us,
      Even went as far as to pass an act for our Relief, with the
      Aprobation of your Honnor, and the particulars Came back to
      us in the publick papers, and from all this Encouragement,
      we have embodyed our helpless famelies and Stood Sentry
      Around them, Impatiently waiting your good aid and
      assistance, as we thought as assurance of it, but Alass what
      is the the Last Account lamentable indeed to people in our
      situation the former orders Countermanded by Your Honner.
      What Cou'd be worse to our feelings than this or what must
      be the Concequence, Why, Undoubtedly Death must be the fatal
      Concequence; if not by Tommehock(then) by famine for when
      our Small stake of Provisions that we are Hudled round is
      Exausted where is the Support of another year why none maid
      nor any likelyhood of makeing, We further wish if it be your
      Good Pleasure to inform us who or what person or persons
      have been the Instigation of Removeing Your Good Will from
      our Relief, it must Certainly have been some ill minded
      person or Raskill that have self Interests in View, & Not
      feeling for the innocent Fronteers, but their Reward is
      pointed out and the black Account of Murder Stands Charg'd
      Against them.

      Since Mr. Wofford Started Last to Augusta with the Talke of
      the Noted Villain Shuagee, their has been a Number of Horses
      taken by the Indians from our fronteer Settlements, five of
      which ware taken from his fort, & an Abundance of Indian
      Signs seen by our Spies Which we have to keep at at Our Own
      Exspence Whilst the fronteers of South Carolina are well
      garded with men and Sufisient Supply of every nesecery of
      Life & all at the Publicks Exspence where their Nesessity is
      none in Comparison to Ours.

      Three Companies of Horse men would be Sufisient to Gard our
      Fronteers, Stationed in three Different Places, one at a
      place known by the Name of Bowens Place, another at Norrises
      Place & a third at the Corokee Mountain; at each of those
      Places their is a Sufisiency of winter food, to support
      their Horses, with a Careful Conductor

      Shou'd it Please Your Excellancy to Grant Our Request we
      shall try to Stand Our Ground, Other Ways we must of
      Necessity fly for our Lives, The Western fronteers of
      Franklin Cty.

      from Sir Your Humble Servants

      By the Bareor Capt. Phillip Martain Who can inform you

      Jany 1st 1793

      Majr. Terrell
      William Varnell
      Elijah Martin
      Moses Payne
      Ely Savage
      John Barnett
      John Ray
      Jacob Hollingsworth
      Mal. Jones
      Owen Bowen
      William Allred
      Reuben Shields
      John Martin
      William Norris
      John Trimble
      Moses Trimble
      Daniel Bush
      John Turk
      William Jones
      William ___
      Samuel Reed
      Thomas Raborn
      Phillip Martin
      Jolian or Jo Lian
      Enrique Martin
      Joel Raborn
      Simon Terrell
      Francis ____
      Jacob Hollingsworth
      Jarred Hollingsworth
      Thomas Hollingsworth
      George Vaughn
      George Cockburn
      Thomas Hallcom
      Solomon Huitt
      Archibald Cockburn
      Sherod Halcom
      James Huitt
      William Huitt
      John Hall
      Robert Young
      James Young
      Andrew Glenn
      William Glenn
      James Terrell
      Nimrod Flaure
      Elijah Banks
      James Coggburn
      John George Riner
      John Shipply
      Thomas Raborn
      Robert Shipley
      Robert Shipley Junr.
      Mathew Shipley
      Ezra Owens
      Johan Ramer
      George Hening
      Peter Williamson
      Joseph Dobbs
      Richard Wiliamson
      Robert Williamson
      George Priket
      William Quillen
      Joshua Sled or Shed
      Peter Jones
      M. Gaithright
      Florce Sullivan
      Philip J. Stark
      John Truball
      William F. Mann
      John Starks

      Repository:Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
      The University of Georgia Libraries.
    • 1790 Census, Franklin County GA

      Franklin County was created by a Legislative Act on February 23, 1784, from lands ceded by the
      Cherokee and Creek Indians. The land was given by Bounty Grants to Veterans of the
      Revolutionary War. What was later to become Clarke County was part of Franklin County at the
      time. This is a reconstructed 1790 Census so it is incomplete.

      Able, John
      Alexander, Isaac
      Alexander, John Brown
      Allen, Benjamin
      Allen, Nathaniel
      Allen, William
      Anderson, James
      Anderson, John
      Anderson, Robert
      Anderson, William
      Anthony, Micajah
      Armstrong, James Col.
      Arnold, James
      Arrington, John
      Aycock, Richard
      Aycock, William
      Ayers, Abram
      Ayers, Abram
      Bailey, William
      Baker, Thomas
      Banks, Elijah
      Bankston, John
      Barnet, John
      Barrett, Benjamin
      Barrett, Joel
      Barrett, William
      Barron, John
      Bartan, Ruth
      Barton, Benjamin
      Beall, Daniel
      Benden, John
      Been, Robert
      Beeson, Jonathan
      Bickerstaff, John
      Black, Samuel
      Blanton, John
      Bobo, Lewis
      Bond, Charles
      Bond, William
      Bowen, Joel
      Bowen, Joseph
      Bowie, James
      Boyd, John
      Bradford, Oseah
      Brewer, George
      Brewer, William
      Brewton, James
      Bridges, Walton
      Briers, Lawrence
      Briggs, Isaac
      Brogdon, Merideth
      Brooks, John
      Brown, John
      Bryan, Elijah
      Bryan, Samuel
      Bryant, John
      Bryant, William
      Bullard, John
      Burgess, Elias
      Burgess, Josiah
      Burney, David
      Burns, Andrew
      Burns, Andrew Jr.
      Burns, Elizabeth
      Burns, Felix
      Burns, Jean
      Burns, John
      Burns, Martha
      Burns, Mary
      Burns, Robert
      Caldwell, Alex
      Calwell, Henry
      Campbell, Duncan
      Campbell, John
      Carter, Josiah
      Carter, Thomas
      Casey, Abraham
      Cawthon, Charles
      Cawthon, Claborn
      Cawthorn, David
      Chandler, Joseph
      Churchill, Nathaniel H.
      Clark, John Jr.
      Clark, John Sr.
      Cleveland, Jeremiah
      Cleveland, John
      Cleveland, Larkin
      Cleveland, Neal
      Cleveland, William
      Cleveland, William Jr.
      Cockburn, Archable
      Cockburn, George
      Coffee, Nathan
      Cole, Josiah
      Cole, William
      Coleman, Eden
      Coleman, John
      Collier, John
      Colton, Richard
      Comer, John Jr
      Connor, John
      Connor, McMillion
      Crane, Joel
      Crane, William
      Cothan, Thomas
      Crawford, Peter
      Creswell, Samuel
      Culbertson, David
      Culpepper, Malachiah
      Cunningham, John
      Cup, Michael
      Dabbs, Joseph
      Daniel, William
      Daniell, Charles
      Daniell, Thomas
      Daniell, William
      Dawson, Richmond
      Day, Ambrose
      Demey, John
      Demey, Josiah
      Denmon, James
      Depriest, James
      Diamond, John
      Diamond, William
      Dobbs, Joseph
      Dobbs, Lodday
      Doolen, Daniel
      Doolen, John
      Downs, Ambrose
      Dunagain, Joshua
      Dunkon, Henry
      Durkee, Nathiel
      Durkie, Natiel
      Easley, Daniel
      Easley, R
      Echols, Benjamin
      Edds, Isaac
      Edmonds, James
      Elam, Daniel
      Elese, Robert
      Ellerson, James
      Elliott, William
      Embry, James
      Emmett, James
      Evans, Harwood
      Evans, Henry
      Fanning, John
      Farmer, William
      Few, William Jr.
      Finney, James
      Flemming, Elijah
      Flemming, John
      Flemming, William
      Flewellin, Alex
      Franklin, Abner
      Freeman, James
      Gammage, Thomas
      Ganner, George
      Gardner, John T.
      Gardner, Samuel
      Garren, Moses
      Gartrell, Francis
      Gates, William
      Gaugh, William
      Gideon, Francis
      Gilbert, Charles
      Gilbert, Thomas
      Gilliam, Richard
      Gilliam, William
      Glenn, William
      Gorham, Jenny
      Gorham, John
      Gorham, Sanford
      Gorham, William
      Graham, John
      Graves, George
      Graves, Humphery
      Graves, Joshua
      Graves, Perry
      Graves, Thomas Jr.
      Graves, Thomas Sr.
      Graves, William
      Gresham, Thomas
      Griffith, John
      Grimes, John
      Gullet, Andrew
      Gunnells, Joseph
      Guy, William
      Hall, John
      Hamilton, Archibald
      Hampton, John
      Handon, Steven
      Haney, George
      Haney, Thomas
      Harden, Mark
      Harden, William
      Hardin, Mark
      Harns, Bucker
      Harrington, John
      Harris, Buckner
      Harris, Sampson
      Harrison, Benjamin
      Hawkins, Benjamin
      Hay Gilbert
      Hay, Hugh
      Hay, James
      Hay, William
      Hays, Henry
      Heard, John
      Hearn, Henry
      Henan, William
      Henderson, Robert L.
      Henning, George
      Hewett, William
      Hightower, William
      Hill, James
      Hillhouse, David
      Hudson, Burrel
      Humphries, George
      Humphries, Shadrack
      Hinton, Harvey
      Hobbs, Joel
      Holcomb, John
      Holcomb, Joseph
      Holcomb, Moses
      Holcomb, Sherard
      Holcomb, Thomas
      Hollinsworth, Samuel
      Hooper, Jesse
      Hooper, John
      Hooper, Obediah
      Houston, William
      Howard, George
      Howard, Herman
      Howard, Julius
      Howard, Nehemiah
      Hubbard, Benjamin
      Hudson, Cuthbert
      Hudson, Joachim
      Hughet, S.
      Humphries, Joseph
      Humphrey, Joseph
      Hunt, James
      Hunt, John
      Hunter, Dalziel
      Hunter, Evan T.
      Jackson, Benjamin
      Jackson, Robert
      Jackson, Walter
      Jackson, William
      Jamerson, William C.
      James, Jackson
      Jarratt, Howell
      Jennings, Jonathan
      Jennigs, Jonathan
      Jennings, William
      Johnson, James
      Johnson, William
      Johnston, Nelson
      Jones, Ambrose
      Jones, John
      Jones, Joseph
      Jones, Malachia
      Jones, Thomas
      Jones, William
      Jordan, Fleming
      Jordan, John
      Keating, Edward
      Kennerly, Thomas
      King, Edward
      King, Edmond
      King, John
      Knox, Samuel
      Lamar, Zachariah
      Lamkin, Samuel
      Lane, John
      Leech, William
      Leggett, John
      Lewis, Freeman
      Lipham, Frederick
      Little, James
      Lockhart, Richard
      Long, Evans
      Long, Nimrod
      Longstreet, daniel
      Luckey, Alexander
      Luckey, David
      Luckey, William
      Lyner, Christopher
      Mackie, John
      Mackie, Samuel
      Marbury, Horatia
      Martin, Elijah
      Martin, William
      Mason, John
      Matthews, Daniel Jr.
      Maybe, Mattethias
      McBee, James
      McCannon, James
      McClair, Lewis
      McCutchin, James
      McDonald, Charles
      McDonald, Hugh
      McDougal, Alex
      McDouglas, John
      McFall, George
      McGarey, Edward
      McGowan, Robert
      McIntosh, Lochlin
      McWeir, Alagany
      McWeir, Thompson
      Malone, Peter
      Merriweather, Thomas
      Millens, John
      Milligan, James
      Milligan, Moses
      Milton, John
      Montgomery, John
      Moore, Richard
      Morgan, Daniel
      Morris, James
      Morrell, I.
      Mullens, John
      Mullins, John
      Mullins, Henry
      Myrick, John
      Nale or Hale, John
      Nelson, Samuel
      Niel, John M.
      Ogletree, John
      Oliver, James
      Parks, James
      Patton, William
      Payne, John
      Payne, Thomas
      Payne, William
      Penace, Hugh
      Pennington, Jacob
      Phillip, Samuel
      Phillips, John
      Phillips, Joseph
      Pool, Baxter
      Pope, Leroy
      Porter, Benjamin
      Porter, Thomas
      Powell, Anthony
      Pulliam Robert
      Pullum, Benjamin
      Raburn, John
      Randall, Thomas
      Randolph, Isaac
      Ray, John
      Read, James
      Reed, Samuel
      Rice, Edward
      Roberts, John
      Robertson, David
      Robertson, John
      Robinson, David
      Rogers, John
      Rose, Henry
      Russell, Joseph M.
      Rutherford, Clayborn
      Sandridge, John
      Savage, E.
      Sexon, Davis
      Shareman, Robert
      Shareman, Robert
      Shelly, Phillip
      Shields, Thomas
      Shipley, Robert
      Shoemaker, Jesse
      Singleton, Robert
      Skelton, Robert
      Slatter, S.
      Slatter, William
      Sled, Joshua
      Smellers, Joseph
      Smith, Benjamin
      Smith, John
      Smith, Ralph
      Smith, Thomas
      Smith, Thomas Jr.
      Sneed, William
      Spain, John
      Sparks, James
      Sparks, Matthew Jr.
      Sparks, William
      Spencer, William
      Spruce, William
      Starr, John
      Stead, William
      Stephens, Joseph
      Stewart, Issac
      Stith, Paton R.
      Stith, William
      Stokes, John
      Stokes, William
      Stone------, John
      Stringer, George
      Stripling, Francis
      Strong, William
      Stuart, John
      Sturgess, Daniel
      Summerlin, Henry
      Talbot, Patsy
      Talbot, Thomas
      Tatam, Abner
      Taylor, Grant
      Taylor, Joseph
      Taylor, Robert
      Templeton, John
      Terendate, Daniel
      Terrell, David
      Terrell, Joseph
      Terrell, Moses
      Thetford, William
      Thomas, Benjamin
      Thomas, Gill
      Thomas, Jesse
      Thomas, Massey
      Thomas, William
      Thompson, Abraham
      Thompson, Peter
      Thornton, Stephen
      Thrasher, Robert
      Towns, John
      Trailor, William
      Trewitt, Riley
      Trimble, Moses
      Turner, John
      Vann, George
      Varniel, William
      Wagnon, John
      Walker, Charles
      Walker, Elijah
      Walker, Jacob
      Walker, Phillip
      Walker, Randal
      Wall, Henry
      Wallis, Carnill
      Wallis, Micajah
      Walters, John
      Walters, Moses
      Walters, Peter
      Walters, Robert
      Walton, Jess
      Walton, Simon
      Walton, Walker
      Warren, Charles
      Warren, Valentine
      Waters, John
      Weatherby, George
      Webster, John
      White, Benedict
      White, Richard
      Whitney, James R.
      Whitney, John M.
      Whitsill, George
      Whitworth, John
      Wilbourn, William
      Wiley, James
      Wiley, Peter
      Wilkinson, William
      Williams, James
      Williams, John
      Williams, Joseph
      Williams, William
      Williams, William C.
      Williamson, Charles
      Williamson, James
      Williamson, Micajah
      Williamson, Peter
      Williamson, Robert
      Wilson, benjamin
      Wilson, Joseph
      Wilson, Milley
      Wilson, Perry
      Witherspoon, William
      Woffard, Benjamin
      Woffard, James
      Woods, Josiah
      Woods, Middleton
      Woods, Samuel
      Woods, William
      Wright, John
      Wright, Obediah
      Wyatt, Peyton
      Young, Daniel
      Young, John
      Young, Robert