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Jones County, Georgia

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Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Allison Green A.  1808Jones County, Georgia I3782 Keesee  
2 Boles/Bowles Sarah  1801Jones County, Georgia I1590 Keesee  
3 Driver William Wright  1813Jones County, Georgia I1877 Keesee  
4 Glass Mary  Jones County, Georgia I4626 Keesee  
5 Mills Elvira  1820Jones County, Georgia I1119 Keesee  
6 Ross William Wiseman  29 Dec 1853Jones County, Georgia I3274 Keesee  
7 Sims Robert Young  14 Apr 1820Jones County, Georgia I1118 Keesee  
8 Stripling Aaron  CA 1811Jones County, Georgia I1098 Keesee  
9 Stripling Arthur  1821Jones County, Georgia I1905 Keesee  
10 Stripling Moses  1810Jones County, Georgia I1097 Keesee  
11 Williamson Avarilla  1814Jones County, Georgia I4452 Keesee  
12 Williamson Green B, Jr  1808Jones County, Georgia I4451 Keesee  
13 Williamson James A  1822Jones County, Georgia I4453 Keesee  
14 Williamson John  1802Jones County, Georgia I4448 Keesee  


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Barker Burwell  1835-36Jones County, Georgia I953 Keesee  
2 Cleland Sarah Elizabeth  30 Mar 1914Jones County, Georgia I2325 Keesee  
3 Cleland William Robert  Mar 1843Jones County, Georgia I2324 Keesee  
4 Glass Nancy  28 Jan 1874Jones County, Georgia I2314 Keesee  
5 Howe David  Bef 18 Nov 1820Jones County, Georgia I3280 Keesee  
6 Kier Jane  1852Jones County, Georgia I1113 Keesee  
7 Levi Ellis  ca 1832Jones County, Georgia I923 Keesee  
8 McAllister Elizabeth  Aft 1860Jones County, Georgia I4446 Keesee  
9 Mitchell Henry  1827Jones County, Georgia I4442 Keesee  
10 Sims Edmund G  1824Jones County, Georgia I1117 Keesee  
11 Smith John  bef. 1825Jones County, Georgia I2026 Keesee  
12 Spinks Raleigh  01 Feb 1839Jones County, Georgia I4413 Keesee  
13 Stripling John  ca 1822Jones County, Georgia I1074 Keesee  
14 Stripling Robert  1812Jones County, Georgia I1076 Keesee  
15 Williamson Green B  09 Mar 1838Jones County, Georgia I4445 Keesee  
16 Willingham Angela  1835Jones County, Georgia I1767 Keesee  
17 Willingham Caleb  ca 1837Jones County, Georgia I901 Keesee  
18 Willingham William  ca 1837Jones County, Georgia I902 Keesee  


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Boles/Bowles James  1810Jones County, Georgia I1311 Keesee  
2 Boney James S  1820Jones County, Georgia I3902 Keesee  
3 Cadenhead John  1816Jones County, Georgia I2063 Keesee  
4 Caruthers/Carrothers George  1820Jones County, Georgia I1114 Keesee  
5 McKissack Thomas Jefferson  1812Jones County, Georgia I1497 Keesee  
6 Slaughter Reuben  1800Jones County, Georgia I1643 Keesee  
7 Stripling Arthur  1820Jones County, Georgia I1079 Keesee  
8 Stripling William Robert  1830Jones County, Georgia I1920 Keesee  
9 Willingham William  1830Jones County, Georgia I902 Keesee  
10 Willingham William  23 Oct 1832Jones County, Georgia I902 Keesee  
11 Willingham William  1836Jones County, Georgia I902 Keesee  


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Caruthers/Carrothers / Durham  1812Jones County, Georgia F330 Keesee  
2 Stripling / Ward  07 May 1812Jones County, Georgia F583 Keesee  
3 Stripling / Simmons  27 Dec 1812Jones County, Georgia F532 Keesee  
4 Stripling / Ward  29 Dec 1812Jones County, Georgia F580 Keesee  
5 Boney / Townley  22 Sep 1818Jones County, Georgia F1192 Keesee  
6 Stripling / Boles/Bowles  06 Dec 1818Jones County, Georgia F643 Keesee  
7 Ellis / Walker  30 Sep 1820Jones County, Georgia F264 Keesee  
8 Stripling / Kelly  1821Jones County, Georgia F586 Keesee  
9 Emerson / Stripling  12 Aug 1821Jones County, Georgia F587 Keesee  
10 Satterwhite / Bartee  16 Aug 1821Jones County, Georgia F611 Keesee  
11 Satterwhite / Baldwin  08 May 1825Jones County, Georgia F1151 Keesee  
12 Ellis / Smith  25 Oct 1825Jones County, Georgia F266 Keesee  
13 Smith / Taylor  20 Jul 1826Jones County, Georgia F425 Keesee  
14 Bartee / Wright  27 Dec 1826Jones County, Georgia F621 Keesee  
15 Howe / Gammon  1827Jones County, Georgia F960 Keesee  
16 Ellis / Barker  22 Dec 1827Jones County, Georgia F263 Keesee  
17 Slaughter / Harper  21 Dec 1828Jones County, Georgia F942 Keesee  
18 Ellis / Ross  30 Sep 1829Jones County, Georgia F265 Keesee  
19 Barker / Middlebrooks  19 Sept 1830Jones County, Georgia F294 Keesee  
20 Cleland / Glass  Bef 1832Jones County, Georgia F722 Keesee  
21 Bostick / Willingham  11 Nov 1832Jones County, Georgia F276 Keesee  
22 Sims / Mills  1838Jones County, Georgia F332 Keesee  
23 Smith / Nancy  24 Oct 1844Jones County, Georgia F426 Keesee  
24 Smith / Glass  24 Oct 1844Jones County, Georgia F723 Keesee  
25 Newby / Cleland  22 Nov 1849Jones County, Georgia F427 Keesee  
26 Newby / Cleland   22 Nov 1849Jones County, Georgia F728 Keesee