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Jasper County, Georgia

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Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Banks Caroline M  17 Jun 1806Jasper County, Georgia I2956 Keesee  
2 Boyd Augustus Americus  1825Jasper County, Georgia I2957 Keesee  
3 Boyd Avarilla  11 Jan 1805Jasper County, Georgia I2955 Keesee  
4 Boyd Henry  20 Mar 1797Jasper County, Georgia I2953 Keesee  
5 Boyd John Coleman  16 Mar 1802Jasper County, Georgia I2954 Keesee  
6 Boyd Sarah Ann Elizabeth  08 Mar 1828Jasper County, Georgia I2958 Keesee  
7 Camp Joseph  1791Jasper County, Georgia I1202 Keesee  
8 Camp Starling  1793Jasper County, Georgia I1204 Keesee  
9 Fargason John Evans  1859Jasper County, Georgia I4594 Keesee  
10 Jones Elmina  1814Jasper County, Georgia I4634 Keesee  
11 Jones Hugh  19 Apr 1809Jasper County, Georgia I4632 Keesee  
12 Jones Lucinda  01 Mar 1811Jasper County, Georgia I4633 Keesee  
13 McClendon Lucinda  1809Jasper County, Georgia I4914 Keesee  
14 McKissack Abigail  1800Jasper County, Georgia I3506 Keesee  
15 McKissack Sarah  1802Jasper County, Georgia I3507 Keesee  
16 Slaughter Henry Pendleton  20Mar 1811Jasper County, Georgia I3310 Keesee  
17 Slaughter Henry Robert  04 Aug 1832Jasper County, Georgia I3314 Keesee  
18 Slaughter John B  18 Jan 1801Jasper County, Georgia I3008 Keesee  
19 Slaughter Mary Jane  16 Oct 1830Jasper County, Georgia I3312 Keesee  
20 Slaughter Nancy Margaret  27 Mar 1841Jasper County, Georgia I3319 Keesee  
21 Slaughter Sarah Frances  13 Jun 1834Jasper County, Georgia I3316 Keesee  
22 Slaughter Thomas Jefferson  18 Nov 1837Jasper County, Georgia I3318 Keesee  
23 Willingham Martha  1850Jasper County, Georgia I4620 Keesee  
24 Willingham William  1790Jasper County, Georgia I860 Keesee  
25 Wyatt William Jackson  1826Jasper County, Georgia I4270 Keesee  


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Boyd Richard Coleman  28 Sep 1823Jasper County, Georgia I2943 Keesee  
2 Ellis Radford, I  01 Sep 1812Jasper County, Georgia I1435 Keesee  
3 Johnson William  1822Jasper County, Georgia I3328 Keesee  
4 Macay (McCay) Elizabeth  1818Jasper County, Georgia I1438 Keesee  
5 McKissack John F, Sr  1872Jasper County, Georgia I3504 Keesee  
6 McKissack Mary  1840Jasper County, Georgia I3502 Keesee  
7 McMichael Rev William  16 Apr 1809Jasper County, Georgia I1773 Keesee  
8 McMichael Zachariah T W  1820Jasper County, Georgia I1777 Keesee  
9 Rhodes Thomas  1832Jasper County, Georgia I1485 Keesee  
10 Slaughter Henry G  1817Jasper County, Georgia I4477 Keesee  
11 Slaughter John B  15 May 1834Jasper County, Georgia I3008 Keesee  
12 Slaughter Thomas Jefferson  1840Jasper County, Georgia I3318 Keesee  
13 Walden Frances  After 1823Jasper County, Georgia I2945 Keesee  
14 William Johnson  1821Jasper County, Georgia I1667 Keesee  
15 Williamson Zorobabel  1816Jasper County, Georgia I4454 Keesee  


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Clower Morgan  1830Jasper County, Georgia I2997 Keesee  


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 McElroy / Hartsfield  Jasper County, Georgia F1197 Keesee  
2 Willingham / mnu poss Glass Willingham  Jasper County, Georgia F1316 Keesee  
3 Wyatt / Sheffield  12 Aug 1809Jasper County, Georgia F1209 Keesee  
4 Ellis / Phillips  24 Jul 1810Jasper County, Georgia F442 Keesee  
5 McMichael / Griffin  25 Oct 1810Jasper County, Georgia F549 Keesee  
6 Lasater/Lassiter / Keith  1811Jasper County, Georgia F1375 Keesee  
7 Willingham / McMichael  25 Dec 1811Jasper County, Georgia F260 Keesee  
8 Boyd / Farley  19 Jul 1815Jasper County, Georgia F905 Keesee  
9 Echols / Ellis  1820Jasper County, Georgia F447 Keesee  
10 Culbertson / McElroy  17 Oct 1821Jasper County, Georgia F488 Keesee  
11 Boyd / Banks  06 May 1823Jasper County, Georgia F888 Keesee  
12 Ellis / Cheatham  1824Jasper County, Georgia F977 Keesee  
13 Culbertson / Smith  26 Aug 1826Jasper County, Georgia F489 Keesee  
14 Slaughter / Weldon  08 Feb 1827Jasper County, Georgia F895 Keesee  
15 Clower / Peavy  26 May 1827Jasper County, Georgia F964 Keesee  
16 Wheeler / McKissack  1829Jasper County, Georgia F471 Keesee  
17 Barker / Gaston  08 Jan 1829Jasper County, Georgia F318 Keesee  
18 Slaughter / Bickerstaff  13 Oct 1829Jasper County, Georgia F969 Keesee  
19 Glass / Clower  15 Dec 1829Jasper County, Georgia F891 Keesee  
20 Willingham / Tyler  30 Dec 1829Jasper County, Georgia F262 Keesee  
21 Willingham / Johnson  16 Dec 1830Jasper County, Georgia F261 Keesee  
22 Allison / Scott  15 Nov 1835Jasper County, Georgia F1086 Keesee  
23 Johnson / Madden  24 Jan 1836Jasper County, Georgia F278 Keesee  
24 Glass / Roberson  01 Jan 1843Jasper County, Georgia F911 Keesee