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51 Information from Family Search North Carolina Marriages, 1759-1979 Family: F284
52 Information from Find A Grave Family: F288
53 Information from Middleton researchers Family: F325
54 Information from N.C. Marriages, 1759-1979 Family: F157
55 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F334
56 Information given by Barbara Hawkins ( Family: F381
57 Information on the father of John A. Haynie husband of Permelia Ann Hargrove

John was the proprietor of a mercantile store in Knoxville and made business trips to Augusta, Georgia. It was on one of these trips that he met his future wife, Elizabeth Brooks.
After becoming a true Christian, John kept a Journal extracts of which were published in the Texas Christian Advaocate following his death. In 1809, John went to hear Thomas Trower preach at Wagoner's Church, and following the church service he joined the church. In June 1811, at a quarterly conference held in Middle settlement, Blount County, by Frederick Steer P.E. of Holston District, John received his license to preach. He was ordained a Local Deacon by Bishop Asbury in 1815, and an Elder by Bishop George in 1825.
John established "White's Chapel", a church in Knoxville built on land contributed by Judge Hugh L. White and whose family contributed large sums for the building. John also established the Macedonian Church near Knoxville.
In 1826 John was living in Tuscumbia, Alabama, where he stayed for approximately fourteen years. John moved to Texas in 1839 with his wife, three children and his mother, Catherine (King) Haynie. He preached the first sermon heard in Austin, Texas, was one of the nine Methodist ministers who organized the first Texas Methodist Conference in 1840, was elected the first Chaplain of the Congress of the Republic of Texas in 1839 and served for several sessions; performed the first marriage ceremony in Travis County, Texas; and was the agent for Rutersville College for several years. Rev. John was Chaplain of the Constitutional Convention in 1845 ; was Chaplain of the Texas State Legislature in 1845. The first record of pay found in the Texas State Library Archives reads:
House of Representatives December 21st, 1839
This is to certify that the Reverend John Hayney Chaplain of the House of Representatives is entitled to pay from Nov. 11th inclusive to Dec. 21st inclusive.

Thos. W. Ward
41 Days $205.00 Clk. H. R.

John's name was found, in 1963, on the cornerstone of the First Methodist Church of Austin, Texas, as the first pastor and his picture hangs in the foyer.

The 1860 Federal Census, Fayette County, Texas, La Grange PO, enumerated 7 July 1860, lists: John Haynie age 75 born in Virginia, farmer; wife Elizabeth age 74 born in Georgia.

From: HITT-HAYNIE- and Related Families

Family: F105
58 Isaac Hamilton Anderson was living with his mother when the 1860 Washington County, Texas census was taken. He is listed as a bookkeeper. In this census Isaac and his mother were living next door to E. S. Buck, stepbrother of Emilene Howth Keesee, 2nd wife of William Keesee. Sr. William sold land to E. S. Buck in the 1850's where E. S. built a home.

Isaac and Mary Jane Keesee Anderson are in the 1870 LaGrange, Lafayette County, Texas Census. Isaac is listed as a farmer.

Issaac Hamilton Anderson filed for a Confederate pension in Galveston County, Texas. Application #06795

Isaac and Mary Jane Keesee Anderson are in the 1880 Lavaca County Texas Census. Isaac is listed as a farmer and they have children Harley age 12 and Bertha age 5.  
Family: F52
59 Jane Wroe married Richard Street on 19 July 1788; Bartholomew McCarty (sec); bride was a daughter of Nathaniel Wroe (d. RC 1782) and sister of George Wroe (d. 1800).
Source: Married Well and Often: Marriages of the Northern Neck of Virginia 1649-1800 by Robert K. Headley Jr. 
Family: F291
60 Jeremiah Middleton and
Nancy S. Harrison Middleton By Annie Rogers

Jeremiah Middleton, Hugh?s father and Sophia?s grandfather was born on 30 December 1788 . According to one document Jeremiah and Nancy were married on 28 May 1808. However, in an 1812 Bounty Land Warrant, ?she further states that she was married to the said Jeremiah Middleton in Westmoreland County on the 15 day of August AD 1810 by one Charles Bell, a man legally authorized to marry and that her name before her said marriage was Nancy Harrison. (see page 24 of this document).

They had seven children:
Benjamin Middleton Born 1815 Died 1878
Hannah Lane Middleton Purcell Born 1820 Died 1904
Jeremiah Middleton Born 1825 Died 1895
Robert Middleton Born 1826
Martha Middleton Jewell Born 1829 Died April 1887
Hugh Middleton Born c1832 Died 1889
Mary Middleton Mothershead Born c1832 Died 1887

The 1840 census and earlier, only list the head of the household plus numbers for the
ages of the male and female children. Thus one has to do some deducing.

The 1840 census lists a Jeremia D. Meddleton (Jeremiah B. Middleton), living in Westmoreland, Virginia. There were nine free whites and one female slave, age 36 to 54, living in the household. There was one male under 5 believed to be Hugh; one male 10 to 14 believed to be Jeremiah; one male 15 to 19 believed to be Robert, one male 20 to 29 believed to be Benjamin; one male 50 to 59 believed to be their father, Jeremiah; one female under 5 believed to be Mary; one female 15 to 19 believed to be Martha, one female 20 to 29 believed to be Hannah, and one female 50 to 59, believed to be their mother, Nancy Harrison, Middleton. Three of those listed were employed in agriculture.

Note: Based on the 1840 and 1850 census, Hugh?s father, Jeremiah Middleton died sometime before 1850. In her application for a bounty land warrant, Nancy Middleton stated: that her said husband died at his residence in Westmoreland County, VA on the 25th day of May AD 1844 and that she is now a widow

The 1830 census in Westmoreland, Virginia for Jeremiah Middleton shows a total of 13 persons living in the household. Ten were free white persons; two were slaves, and one was a free colored person. The white male under 5 is believed to be Jeremiah; the white male 5 to 9 is believed to be Robert; the white male 10 to 14 is believed to be Benjamin, the free white male 20 to 29 is unknown; the free white male 40 to 49 is the father, Jeremiah. The free white female 5 to 9 may have been Martha; the 2 free white females age 15 to 19 are believed to be Hannah and an unknown. The free white female age 40 to 49 is the mother, Nancy. There was one free colored female age 24 to 35; one male slave age 24 to 35; and one female slave age 10 to 23.
The 1820 census shows Jeremiah Middleton living in Westmoreland, Virginia. There were 6 free white persons living in the household. There were 3 males under 10 believed to be Benjamin, and 2 unknowns; one male 26 to 44, the father Jeremiah; two free white females 16 to 25, one of whom would be the mother, Nancy, and one unknown. Two people were engaged in agriculture and one in manufacturing. Perhaps one of the children under 10 should have been a female, perhaps Hugh?s older sister, Hannah.

The 1810 census shows Jeremiah Middleton living in Westmoreland, Virginia. There was a total of 4 household members: one free white male under 10 unknown; one free white male 16
to 25 ? Jeremiah; one free white female 16 to 25, the mother Nancy; and one free white Female 26 to 44, perhaps Jeremiah?s or Nancy?s mother. Note: However, the Middleton name was almost extinct in Westmoreland County by 1810, when the federal census shows only one Middleton, to wit, Jeremiah.

Hugh?s father, Jeremiah (Jerry) Middleton died, as mentioned above on 25 May 1844.

Hugh?s mother, Nancy Harrison Middleton,
died on November 15, 1869 in Westmoreland, VA. She was born around 1789, and was 80 years of age. She was female, white and married. Her spouse was Jerh Middleton. Her mother was N. Harrison and her father Saml Harrison. FHL Film Number 2048588

Family: F328
61 John and Ann McCulloch were listed in the 1870 Brown County Texas Census
1880 Byrds Store, Brown County, Texas
1900 Justice Precinct 3, Edwards County, Texas 
Family: F233
62 John and Mary Emma first moved from Guilford County, North Carolina, to Indiana and then to Wright County, Missouri prior to 1880. Family: F110
63 John Beacham (sec), bride was daughter of John Wroe (d.RC 1794) Family: F294
64 John Middleton sec. Family: F98
65 Lewis Chastain conducted the marriage and Jeremiah Oldham was security. Family: F94
66 listed in 1910 Bellmont, Coconino County, Arizona
1920 San Diego, San Diego County, California 
Family: F235
Know all men by these presents that we DANIEL CRABB and ASHTON LAMKIN are held and firmly bound unto his Excellancy Beverly Randlph Esquire Governor of Virginia in fifty pounds (50) current money to be paid to the said Governor and his successors (?). To which payment will ...truly to be made. We ...our selves and each of us our and each of our ... Executors and Administrators jointly and ...firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated the thired day of October 1789.

Whereas there is a marriage suddenly intended to be solomnized between the above bound DANIEL CRABB and FRANCES MIDDLETON Spinster. The condition of this present obligation is such that if there be no lawfull cause to obstruct these same then the above obligation to be void or else to remain in full force ... virture in law.

Sealed delivered in presence of WILLIAM BUTLER

Daniel Crabb seal (his mark)
Ashton Lamkin seal

Please to grant lisons for Mr. Daniel CRABB and the Subscriber Frances MIDDLETON

Ashton LAMKIN Oct 1 1789

From Glen Maxey
Family: F58
68 Marriage listed in Marriages by Thomas Davis, Clerk, Rector of St. Stephens, Northumberland-year 1788. Family: F299
69 Marriage Records Colorado County Texas; Book B, Page 11. William E. Heard, County Judge of Colorado County, performs the ceremony. Family: F40
70 Marriage Records Colorado County, Book B, page 19, December 18, 1840, John Sutherland, Justice of the Peace performs the ceremony. Family: F6
71 Married in the home or Orey Boyd and Angus Ferguson according to the Book the Boyds of Boyds Tank Family: F914
72 Married Well and Often
3 Dec 1764; bride was the dau of Jn. West (d NC 1759)' NC RB 5:156' RB 7:235; MLR NC) 
Family: F242
73 Married Well and Often
Beacham, Abraham and West, Leazure' bef 2 Jul 1758; bride was a dau of Jn. West (d. NC 1759) and the sister of Sarah Jeffries (d. NC 1768); the birth of John West Beacham son of Abraham and Leasure Beacham was rec. in the SSPR on 2 Jul 1758' (NC RB 5:156; RB 7:235; nSSPR:16) 
Family: F241
74 Married Well and Often, Marriages of the Northern Neck of Virginia: John Rowe and Betty Lampkin, bef 28, July 1867, bride dau of Peter Lamkin d.(WC 1762) (WC DW 14:135: RI 5:21)
It is not proven that this is the correct John Wroe that married Betty Lamkin, but circumstantial information leads to this being a good possibility of being correct.
Betty's brother Matthew Lamkin, married unknown Middleton, dau of Capt. Benedict Middleton. Another daughter of Capt. Benedict Middleton, Jane Middleton married George Wroe, brother of John Wroe that was first married to Hannah Middleton Dollins Wroe. Also it is a good possibility that Sally Rust Lamkin, sister of this Betty Lamkin married William Wroe, brother of the above mentioned John Wroe. After the death of John Wroe d. 1794, daughter Sarah A. Wroe is listed as having guardian Sary Rus Wroe whenever she married Samuel King, 1802, Richmond County, Virginia. John's brother, William is listed with wife Salley in birth records of Northumberland County, Virginia. 
Family: F300
75 Married Well and Often: Marriages of the NOrthern Neck of Virginia
Ashton Lamkin and Hannah Middleton; bef. 23 Jul 1777; groom wa an overseer for Mr. Fisher; bride was a dau. of Robt. Middleton, a carpenter, (prob. the Robt Middleton wh died in WC in 1771); (Carter 6, DayB 2:101) 
Family: F57
76 Married Well and Often: Marriages of the Northern Neck of Virginia 1649-1800.
Booth, (fnu) and Brown, Eleanor (wid); bef 24 March 1750; bride was a dau of George Leazure and wid of (fnu) Brown: (WC DW S:121) 
Family: F237
77 Mary Elizabeth Newton married a David Wesley Bartley about 1866. Mary Elizabeth Newton, born March 21, 1867 Odin, Wright County, Missouri and died in Odin March 13, 1922. She was buried in Newton School House Cemetery.

1870 Wright County, Missouri Census: David Bartley, age 25 born in Indiana, Mary E. age 23, born in Missouri, William, age 3, Charlette, age 1, both born in Missouri.

1880 census for Gasconade Township, Wright County, Missouri list them and the children. William A. age 13, Milissa C. age 11, Alcy t., age 9, Melvin age 7, Sophrona E., age 5, Nevels M., age 4 and Sarah, age 1.

1900 census for Gasconade Twonship, Wright County, Missouri, Wesley Bartley, born in February 1845, married 34 years to Mary E., born in March 1847, Vina S., born in September 1870, Sarah E., born in February 1879, Melvin, born in August 1872, Samie, born in April 1887, and Ben Harrison Barley, born in Sept. 1889.

1920 census for Gasconade Township, Wright County, Missouri, Mary E. Bartley, widowed mother, living with her son Ben H. Bartley and wife Elsie, who was the daughter of Lonzo M. Turner and Lilly Brown, and their two daughters Ethel F. and Rachel A.

1930 census for Gasconade Township, Wright County, Missouri, shows Mary E. Bartley, widowed mother, age 83 living in the household of her son Ben H. Bartley, age 40, his wife Elsie, age 35, and their children Ethel (Faye), age 13, she married Ebin Doty, Rachel, age 11, Elmer, age 8, Donald age 5, Russel, age 3 years and 9 months, and Norman age 3 months.
Notes by Marvin A. Tingdahl

Obituary for Wesley Bartley published in the Wright County Republican February 7, 1918.

Obituary for Mary Elizabeth Newton Bartley published in the Wright County Republican, March 24, 1932

Family: F134
78 Miller F. Armstrong, a native Texan, whose family have lived in Texas under five flags, educated himself for the engineering profession and has expressed his own pioneering instinct by some notable activites in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, where he is engaged in the land business and helping this region realize it magnificent possibilites.
Mr. Armstrong was born at Chappell Hill, Washington County, Texas in 1862?, son of William Tucker and Margaret Elizabeth (Francis) Armstrong. The Armstrong family is of Scotch-Irish ancestry, at one time having been members of the historic Armstrong clan of Scotland. The Armstrongs on coming to America in Colonial times settled in Virginia and later descendants moved to North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. Martin Armstrong, great-grandfather of Miller Armstrong, was a soldier of the Continental line in the American Revolution, was a lawyer, whose home was at Mount Meigs, Alabma, where was at one time the home of Dr. Marion Sims, one of the greatest figures in the history of American surgery.
William Tucker Armstrong was born at Mount Meigs, Alabama, and came to Texas in the early forties, settling at Chappell Hill in Old Washington County. As a very young man he had served in the Seminole Indian war in Florida, and he was a lieutenant in General Taylor's army in the Mexican War. Margaret Elizabeth Francis, wife of William Tucker Armstrong, was born in Washington County, Texas in 1840 and is still living. Her parents were Fuller and Nancy (Lakey) Francis. Nancy Lakey's father, Joel Lakey, was one of the early Americans to come to Texas. He moved from Mississippi to Nachogdoches, Texas, on the old Spanish train as early as 1821, about the time Stephen Austin was planting his first colony in Texas. He went back to Mississipi, but in 1823 again came to Texas and settled permanently on old Caney Creek, on the dividing line between Washington and Austin counties. He owned land on Caney in both counties, but his home was in Washington County. He became owner of a league and a labor of land under the Mexican government.
Miler Francis, maternal grandfather of Miller F. Armstrong, was born in 1810, and came from Missouri to Texas in the early thirties. He was in General Houston's army in winning Texas independence, being at the battle of San Jacinto. One of his sons, a maternal uncle of Miller Armstrong, was Woodson Francis, who was in the Confederate army thought the war between the states.
Miller F. Armstrong grew up at the old homestead at Chappell Hill. He was graduated form the Texas A & M College at Bryan with the degree Mechanical Engineering in the class of 1882. He spent four years in that school and was one of its early graduates. He has had many years of active professional and business experience. In 1909 he came to the Lover Rio Grande Valley, which was just in the begining of a re awakening and transformation from the old regime to the new. He located at Mission and had made his home in that prosperous little center ever since. He had done his share of developing a cactus and mesquite wilderness into one of the richest agricultural and horticultural regions in the country. He individually owns a fine farm and orchard North of Mission.
Mr Armstrong married Miss Dollie Keesee, who also represents a historic family of Texas. She was born and reared at Chappell Hill in Washington County, daughter of Gideon Keesee and through her mother is related to the Carey and Pleasant families. Her grandfather was one of the first settlers of Chappel Hill. Mr and Mrs Armstrong have two children: Miller Francis, a lawyer now practicing at Weslaco, Texas; and Lady Cary (Armstrong) Gillett, wife of James A Gillett of Mission.
From History written of Texas First Families 
Family: F73
79 Moses Stripling and Sarah Bowles
Georgia, Jones County
To any Judge Justice of the Inferior Court, Justice of the Peace, or Minister of the Gospel. Your are here by authorised to join Mr. Moses Stripling and Miss Sarah Bowles in the holy State of Matrimony according to the constitution and laws of this state; and for so doing this shall be yor sufficient license. Given under my hand and seal this 5th day of December 1818. James Smith C. C. O.
I certify that Moses Stripling and Sarah Bowles were duly joined in matrimony by me this 6th day of December 1818. John McKinzie M. G. 
Family: F643
80 Most of their children moved to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama with the Sutton and Skelton families. Family: F826
81 Moved to Eastland County in 1905 Family: F138
82 Moved to Yell Co., AR before 1860 Family: F352
83 Mr. Rawl Travers and Mr John Cralle are appointed sometime before next court to take possession of the estate of William Harvey decd and dispose of the same at outcry and return a report thereof to the next court. court order dated 16 Feb 1697/98
Allen Harvie orphan of William Harvie decd is by the Court bound an apprentice to serve Capt. Rodham Kenner or his assignee until he attains to the age of one and twenty the said Capt. Kenner having in court assumed to give the said Allen two years of schooling after twelve years of age or else to pay him at the expersion of the said ___ five thousand pounds of tobacco and cask and also to bring him up in Christian like manner. court order dated 17 Feb 1697/98 
Family: F95
84 N. C. Record Book 1762-1766
Northumberland county, January 1763, George Harvey and Elizabeth, his wife, sell to William Eskridge one hundred and twenty acres, situatioed in the Parish of St. Stephens in Cherry Point Neck on one of the branches of the Yeocomico River, bounded by the land of Opey Lindsey and the lad of John Fauntleroy and the land of John Broughton, which land formerly belong to James Straughan. and at his decease descended to Mary Straughan and Elizabeth, coheirs of the sd James Straughan, and at the death of the said Mary wholy descended to the sd Elizabeth Straughan, now Elizabeth Harvey, wife of the said George Harvey.

Elizabeth Straughan Cralle Harvey and her husband, George Harvey, sold several parcels of land during their married life.  
Family: F81
85 N. C. Record Book 1762-1766 p. 131
June 1762 Elizabeth Cralle, widow sells to William Eskridge for one hundred and sixty pounds, a parcel of land lying in St. Stephens Parish on a branch of Matapony River containing one hundred and seventy five acres. The tract descended to the said Elizabeth Cralle and Mary Straughan, her sister, being daughters and heirs of James Straughan, decd. and the whole descended to the said Elizabeth by the death of her sister, Mary Straughan.

By 1763 Elizabeth Straughan Cralle was married to George Harvey. 
Family: F80
86 Niece, Emma Lee Keesee Middleton
I stayed with Uncle Ernest and Aunt Lela Keesee in 1939-40 and went to Fair Park School. I slept with Marie, she call me Wiggles becasue I squirmed so much.
They lived at 3333 Russell St. in Abilene. Marie was working at "Grants", a five and dime store as secretary/bookkeeper.
They were a reserved family-Aunt Lela was a stern person with gentle ways. Uncle Ernest was easy going like Daddy (George Keesee); a proud Keesee tradition. 
Family: F43
87 No issue Family: F26
88 North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
Groom: Middleton Lee
Bride: Rebecca Self
Bond Date: 19 May 1829
Bond #: 000057262
County: Guilford
Record #: 02 262
Bondsman: John W. Brimm
Witness: A. E. Hanner
Family: F230
89 Northumberland Co. Virginia
10 September 1750

Brown Orphan Account

Pursuent to an order of Northumberland Court Dated 10th of September 1750 Directed to us the Subscribers we accordingly met at the house of Mr. JAMES BOOTH and have possed THOMAS BROWN with his part of his Fathers Estate it Being Ten Pounds Sixteen Shillings & Eleven pence Current Money of Which we have possessed him with as Faloeth Viz,

1 Bed and Furniture L3..10..0

1 Large Bevall? Table 1..10..0

1 Cow and Calf 1?7..6

1 Cow big with Calf 1?5..0

1 small Shear (?) 0..18..0

1 large Red Do. 1..10..0

Cask ?.16..5




At a Court held for Northumberland County the 8th Day of October 1750. This Report of the Division of THOMAS BROWNS Estate Returned and ordered to be Recorded Teste:


Family: F240
90 Not proven as far as I know that they are her parents....a possibility. Family: F538
91 Note from Dub Keesee
In 1854 Great-Grandmother, Emma T. (Lackey) Keesee's mother Terrissa Mercer Lackey was willed 2 blocks of land in Sequin by her father, Eli Mercer. 
Family: F6
92 Note from Ed White

Wonder who received Jemima's 1/4.

In 1782 she has 94 acres on the tax roll. I did some selective searching that day and skipped some years, but in 1789 Jeremiah has 99 (later 94) and Jemima has nothing. In 1780 John had 212, Thomas 77 and Jeremiah 99 which is 388, or the whole 379. Jeremiah appears to have gotten most or all of the 379 except the share of William and Thomas. There is no deed out from Jemima. It may have been in the late 1770's when the book was lost. I checked the order book on those years and no orders to record Middleton deeds were there.

Jeremiah's share became mixed with his inheritance from Martha in the Benedict line. It is very hard to trace. In 1838 he had 206 and maybe more. He and Nathaniel Oldham switched a lot of land around in the Ebeneezer Church area. That church came out of a deed

WD 30-182, 6/21/1839, 10/15/1839. WILLIAM [son of Martha MD Oldham] AND MARTHA JACKSON to TRUSTEES OF METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY 7/8 acre of land a lot at Oldham?s Crossroads.

This was the 1838 division. Jackson was another one of Martha's many heirs. Apparently she married a Jackson after Oldham.

WCO Chancery #1838-008 John T. Oldham v. Jeremiah Middleton, partition SURVEY 206 acres. Adjacent to Oldhams Crossroads. John T. Oldham and William Jackson and Martha Jackson (formerly Martha Middleton Oldham, mother of all parties. Lot #1 30 ac to Oldham. Lot #2 76 ac to Jer. Middleton. Lot #3 87 plus to William Jackson and wife. Commssioners Robert Bailey, Pemberton Claughton & Wm. Wright. Survey cuts perfectly on roads, but extends 1200 feet south of old Middleton SW corner, but a hedge is marked there on the survey. Jackson had the church land. 
Family: F19
93 Note from Ed White: John was the husband of the much married Ann Temple Clay Rogers Ross, whose popularity was enhanced by being the owner by marriage of the whole Clay patent. (land adjoining the Middleton property) Family: F107
94 Notes found on microfilm at LDS/Abilene Family: F20
95 Notes from John Dorroh

William Jefferson Dorroh, Rhoda's first husband, was born in Perry County, Alabama in 1827. He and Rhoda were very young when they married. Her family was living in Neshoba County, Mississippi and the Dorroh family was in Noxubee County, Mississippi. Rhoda joined his church when she married, and their two sons were born in Noxubee County in 1848 and 1850. William Jefferson did not live long after the move to Chappell Hill. He died, apparently of cholera, in March of 1851. His brother-in-law Jethro Atkinson, was administrator of his estate. Atkinson married Rhoda's older half sister, Mary Robertson. 
Family: F89
96 Officiated by Randall Hill, J. P. son of the Rev. Thomas Hill who was a character witness for Allen Sarrett, grandfather of James D. Family: F1130
97 Others have Mary as the daughter of John Styers and Mary Tidwell. I believe she was the daughter of John Styers that married Mary Middleton 1818 Madison County, Alabama Family: F1514
98 Parents were Samuel Rust and Bridgett Turner. Family: F232
99 Per Copy of Will dated 1851, of Rebecca Izard:Done in Arkansas-Found by her great grand
daughter, Mrs.Lou Ella Heard of Palestine, Texas,
She gave half of her farm to Thomas A. Izard, the other half to daughter in law Masa (believe
this to be Macy Tyer) Izard, wife of Gabriel J. Izard. Said farm being in St.Francis County,
Executors were Mark W. Izard, Gabriel J. Izard, Nicholas H. Izard, and John J. Izard, sons
Witnesses were:George W. Beasley, Calbert Caldwell.
Family: F1327
100 Permela Haynie Home - Chappell Hill, Washington County, Texas
Directions: N. Main St. (2 blocks N of Chesnut St.), Chappell Hill.
Marker #: 5477008347
Year Dedicated:
Size, type: Medallion and Plate
Last reported condition: No report
Permela Haynie Home - Victorian house built on land deeded Permelia Haynie (Mrs. John Haynie) by sister and her husband. Framework is of hand-hewn cedar with square nails and wooden pegs. After 1900 storm and later, bay window, kitchen, and other rooms were added.

Family: F105

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