News: Family names that are represented in our research begin in the Northern Neck of Virginia with Wroe, Garland, Rust, Crabb, Landman, Hammock, Lane, Beale, Rogers, Leazure/Leasure, Oldham, Garner and then into Guilford County, North Carolina with Grissom/Grisham/Gresham, Oliver, Pegram, Harrison, Cain, Lee/Lea, Hutchins, and onto Wright County, Missouri and Texas with Todd, Varney, Bartley, Martin, Swindle and many others.
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  This Westmoreland County sign was chosen to represent our Middleton’s which, is part of the Middleton family that is considered the “Westmoreland Middleton’s”. Then I noticed the three names referenced; George Washington, James Monroe, and Robert E. Lee.

Earlier this week I ran across information that Elizabeth Middleton Glasscock (#94), a Middleton cousin, married “Jo Jo” Monroe. Little did I know that “Jo Jo” Monroe was Joseph Jones Monroe, brother to our 5th President James Monroe.

Also we have a Middleton cousin, Jeremiah (#114), who married Elizabeth Straughan, daughter of Elizabeth Johnson Bonum Straughan, half sister of Mary Ball, mother of George Washington.

Then we see Robert E. Lee and the Middleton’s living in the same area of Westmoreland County as Lee’s ancestors. We find a Middleton ancestor, Robert that had a documented incident among the Lee’s.

“That on the day of the last election of Burgesses to serve in this present General Assembly for the County of Westmoreland, the said Richard Lee applied to one Robert Middleton (#21), A Free-holder of the said County, at the Courthouse, before he had been polled, and offered to him, that if he would give his vote at the said election for Mr. George Lee, a Member of this House, the Hon. Thomas Lee, Esq; a Member of the Vestry of the said Parish, would resign his place in the said Vestry, and the said Robert Middleton might succeed him: to which the said Robert Middleton answered, That if he could not come in at the fore door, he would not come in at the back door: But that it does not appear to this Committee, that the sitting Member Mr. George Lee, or any other person, desired the said Richard Lee to apply to the said Robert Middleton and ask him to vote for the sitting Member, or was privy to it: Upon which the Committee had come to a resolution, which they had directed him to report to the House; and he read the same in his place, and then delivered the report in at the table, where it was again read, and agreed to be the House, as follows:

Robert Middleton did indeed become a member of the Vestry of Cople Parish, coming in “at the fore door,”; for one of the few extent lists of the vestry of the parish (given in Bishop Meade’s Old Churches and Families of Virginia” shows that in 1755, six years after the above episode, Robert Middleton was one of the vestrymen of Cople Parish.


Our Family

Welcome to the Middleton Family Genealogy Pages. This site represents years of research to find our immigrant ancestor Robert Middleton that arrived in the Northern Neck back around 1650. We have spent many years collaborating with many other researchers whose families arrived in the Northern Neck of Virginia during Colonial times. These researchers have been kind enough to share with us their family records so now is our turn to help others who are out there trying to find out who they are. Also, we are hoping to uncover more information about our Wroe family heritage that begins with our Wroe ancestor by the name of Nathaniel Wroe whose son, John Wroe, was one of the first to marry into our Middleton family.

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